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You can click File, Save As, and save this page to your hard drive to use as a template to build your own IDIC 15 web page. Start a topic and write for as long as you'd like, the column will continue to grow longer for you.

Add pictures at the top, or spread them around. Use the "Insert - Picture" from navigation in FrontPage or go to the tab "HTML" to copy/paste or type your photos in code.

Remember to "File - Save As" and rename each new page you make so that you don't accidentally write over the current page you're using, then be sure to link them together.

Feel free to download and copy/paste ideas from this blank IDIC 15 web page or others. Trial and error helps you learn.

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Using your HTML editor, make sure you change each IDIC 15 web page's title, description, and tags. That will help the search engines find each page and minimize mistakes!

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Changing any of this IDIC 15 web page's "cell" colors or properties in your HTML is as simple as a right-click of the mouse in that cell and going to "Cell Properties". Same with text colors by using the "Formatting" bar across the top in your HTML editor and selecting colors.

Adding a background image is as easy as you see here, just create a folder on your host's space and upload the image(s) you want to insert behind your IDIC 15 web pages. I've made the background image stationary so if a page is long, the page will scroll up and down while the background will stay put.

We used 000webhost.com to host Cody's IDIC 15 web page because it was easy, it didn't put ads on our site, and it was FREE!

If you use 000webhost, please click the link above so they know we're helping others find them. It helps keep their service FREE for everyone!

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