IDIC 15 Cody
Our benefit was held on
Sunday July 11, 2010

Cody is now 9yrs old!

Thank you for caring about Cody!

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Our Family

We appreciate your donation!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable family evening together at our IDIC 15 benefit. Cody had a GREAT time dancing & visiting, we hope you did too!

All donations we continue to receive will always go towards Cody's ongoing care, therapies, and special outings and trips to make every day as special as he is to our family.

Please continue to keep Cody in your thoughts and prayers and find us on Facebook where we have a private fan page for Cody.

IDIC 15 Cody


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Thank you for donating to Cody's ongoing care! You may choose your own dollar amount.


You can also support Cody and raise awareness for IDIC 15 by buying a shirt or gift from our IDIC 15 store. Neckties, ipad or iphone cases, bumper stickers, bags, keychains and much more!

If someone you love was recently diagnosed with IDIC 15, no matter where you are in the world, please contact us and we'll introduce you to the most amazing IDIC 15 families online who openly share our lives to help one another.

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