IDIC 15 Cody
Our benefit was held on
Sunday July 11, 2010

Cody is now 9yrs old!

Thank you for caring about Cody!

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Fund Raising

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IDIC 15 Fund Raising

Donated items we had:

$100 valued, two lower level Twins tickets for an August home game and a 2010 collectors Twins bear

$100 valued, gift certificate to Boca Chica, W St Paul

$200 valued, sit in with Ian & Margery , from FM 107.1 MyTalk Radio (Sara's favorite program!)

$32 valued, two tickets to the MN Zoo

$100 gift certificate to the Chatterbox Pub, Mpls

$895 valued, up to 6hrs of DJ services from Twin Cities Wedding DJs

$100 valued, one hour therapeutic massages

$20 gift cards to various merchants

$30 Gift baskets courtesy (email) Lynn Kornowski and Mary Kay cosmetics

$125 valued, gift basket with 1hr massage coupon from Natural Care Center at Woodwinds, Woodbury

$500 valued, up to a 10 page commercial or personal website

$150 valued, a professional video made from your pictures set to music

$17 valued, free haircut from Kid's Hair Inc Apple Valley

$20 valued, lg pizza, 4 drinks, & 30 tokens from Chuck E Cheese, W St Paul

$200 valued salon services from LolaMax, Bloomington

$150 valued, 1 week of in-home pet sitting service

$75 facial from SkinPros, Stillwater

$50 Gift certificate from Usbourne Books, online bookstore for kids

$100 valued haircut and style by Crystal Carlson and Salon Junallo, Richfield

$35 valued, 50 wing party at Buffalo Wild Wings, Eagan

$70 valued bowling party for six, shoe rental, and pitcher of pop from Bowlero, Lakeville

$15 valued, endless pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert buffets and pop for two from CiCi's Pizza, Eagan

Gift cards for various frozen treats and hot grilled entrees from Dairy Queen, Eagan

$10 valued, gift certificates from Raceway To Fun, Newport

$210 valued, five session personal training package from Ways To Wellness, Woodbury

$10 gift certificates from Hopkins Tavern, Hopkins

$20 gift certificates from Main Street Bar, Hopkins

$30 and up valued, gift baskets lovingly stuffed with wonderful items from our friends and familes, THANK YOU ALL!

$200 valued, new Coach handbag donated by Andrea Villanueva

Professional belly dancing entertainment from Belly Dancer on Ice

Soap bubble entertainment by (email) Karen the Bubble Lady

THANK YOU to our wonderful friends and businesses who've donated these items!

We also had free things to do for the kids at our IDIC 15 fund raiser like great dance music, face painting, and bubbles outside in a roped off area of the parking lot. Friends helped from start to finish with set-up, running games, and clean-up. You'll need help!

Call around for banquet halls and caterers to see if they'll donate space and/or food for you, we had our IDIC 15 fund raiser on Sunday because it's a slower day for most businesses.

If you are creative, design some shirts or items yourself and start your own IDIC 15 store as we did to help create awareness and do fund raising all year long!

Caring for a special needs child is hardly easy nor cheap: therapies, medications, activities, and other adaptive needs become necessary expenses. And if you have other children you may find their needs suffer because of these extra expenses.

And just because some national organizations feel all money from an IDIC 15 fund raiser should only go to them for research, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong by clearly stating that you're raising funds for your own child's needs first and then donating a percentage to an organization of your choice if you choose to do so. You may also find that your family and friends will be quite happy with that arrangement.

No other person or organization has the right to tell you that your own child's special needs are less important than research. You may find that your family and close friends are already waiting for you to tell them how they can help.

But before you start soliciting donations for your IDIC 15 fund raiser, you'll need to create a website. We use 000webhost because they are FREE with no outside advertising!

If you know someone who knows how to create an IDIC 15 website, your only expense is a website name

If you'd rather create an IDIC 15 fund raiser page on Facebook, remember to make sure it's "public" so people can visit it without having to "like" it first.

IDIC 15 Cody

Click picture for Cody's video

Click picture for IDIC 15 video

We sold tickets to Cody's IDIC 15 fund raiser, $5 per plate or $15 per family. Then we had raffle tickets for the gift baskets and prizes that were $5 each or 5 tickets for $20 and that was very popular!

For a raffle, you may need sponsorship from a local non-profit like a VFW or church, check the local laws in your area.

We made sure that each prize or gift basket was worth at least $20 so many bought raffle tickets in advance online and at the door. We held the raffle at the end of our IDIC 15 fund raiser and having a good emcee is important!

Set up a Paypal account for online payments and donations for your IDIC 15 fund raiser. And set up a separate bank account in your child's name too.

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